Theta Class

#59 Andrew "Headcase" Fong
Chemical Engineering  Class of 2010
#60 Peter "Flexo" Chow
Big Bro: Austin "Hostile" Fan
Little Bro: N/A
#61 Randall "Discharge" Chan
Economics  Class of 2010

Ethnicity: Chinese

Birthday: September 24, 1988
Hometown: San Marino, Los Angeles
Dream ride: Mercedes McLaren
Favorite quote:
"Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration, which is why engineers sometimes smell really bad."
Fun fact: I forget just about anything until you bring it up.
Advice to freshmen:
Figure out what you need to do over your next 4 years here and then do it.
Why I Joined:
Bit of curiosity and pledge bros.
#62 John "Blindside" Lee
Big Bro: James "Jiminy" Chang
Little Bro: N/A
#63 Kelsey "boo-shay" Auyeung
Industrial Labor Relations  Class of 2009
Ethnicity: Chinese
Birthday: October 21, 1986
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Dream ride: Lamborghini Murcielago
Favorite quote: "They tricked me... haha."
If I had a million dollarsI would travel and eat.
Advice to freshmen: Hmm... good luck!
Why I Joined: For the brotherhood.
#64 Justin "Checkout" Li
#65 Asaad "Daywalker" Zaman
Biology  Class of 2010

Ethnicity: Filipino / Bengali

Birthday: June 8, 1988
Hometown: New York, New York
Dream ride: Don't really have one.
If I had a million dollarsI would give it to my parents.
Advice to freshmen: Study!
Why I Joined: Brotherhood plain and simple.