Featuring: Daniel Huynh

Featuring: Daniel "Kobe" Huynh

Cornell Lambda Phi Epsilon is more than excited to introduce our new "Featured Bro" series. This is an opportunity where we share how our brothers are engaged on and off campus - embodying our mission of becoming "Leaders Among Men."

This week, we're starting things off by featuring our brother Daniel. As a biology major, Daniel's interests on campus include community impact through various projects. Currently, Daniel is a Red Carpet Ambassador, a writer for the Cornell Roosevelt, a member of student assembly in the Heath & Wellness Committee, and the Outreach Director for the Cornell Undergraduate Health Cooperative.

This past weekend, Daniel helped organize an absolutely beautiful “Go Gold for the Kids” Benefit Gala, hosted by Cornell Undergraduate Health Cooperative in collaboration with Cornell for St. Jude, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Tri Delta. The mission of this gala was to bring awareness to pediatric cancer. The event hosted Dr. Melanie Comito who talked about her current clinical research in pediatric hematology.

Reflection: “It was a privilege to be a part of an organization that takes the initiative to plan this event for a good cause. It was a very successful night thanks to everyone who assisted in planning and volunteering. There’s nothing better than a group of students who are proactive in the Cornell community.”

We cannot be more proud of Daniel's accomplishment!

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