Sigma Class

#95 Andy "Headline" Syang
Hotel Administration  Class of 2016
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Birthday: November 26, 1993
Hometown: Cupertino, California
Dream ride: Audi R8
Favorite quote:
"A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
If I had a million dollars:
I would spend it on experiences instead of materialistic things.
Fun fact: I dance.
Advice to freshmen:
Don't be afraid to try new things. Just close your eyes and go for it.
Why I Joined:
I saw a great group of guys that would always be there for each other and that's what I wanted. To be a part of something eternal.
#96 Johnny "Torch" Song
Operations Research  Class of 2016
Big Bro: Roy "Rebound" Xu
Little Bro: N/A

Ethnicity: Chinese

Birthday: November 6, 1993
Hometown: Suzhou, China
Dream ride: Aventador
Favorite quote:
"Be the type of person that when your feet touch the ground in the morning, the devil says 'aww shit… they’re up'" - Winston Churchill
If I had a million dollars:
I would open a high-end restaurant in the city.
Fun factI can use an abacus.
Advice to freshmenYou don't need unlimited meals - seriously.
Why I JoinedEternal brotherhood.