Rush FAQ

1. What is rush?
Rush is a one-week period time when we, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, host various events where interested students (rushees) can come out to meet brothers. Likewise, rush also gives us a chance to meet you and learn more about you. There is no obligation during rush and everything is free. Learn what brotherhood, pride, leadership, unity, and family mean to us. Everyone is invited to attend our events!

2. What is a Bid?
A bid is an invitation to enter the new member education process and continue on the path of becoming a brother. Bids are given at the end of rush to rushees who the brothers feel would be a good fit to our fraternity. You are not obligated to accept a bid if given one; rush is completely non-committal.

3. Should I Attend All Events?

If you are serious about joining Lambda Phi Epsilon, you are definitely encouraged to attend all rush events from beginning to end. The events are set for you to learn about the chapter that you will potentially belong to. The brothers will be there to answer any questions that you may have about the fraternity or the chapter. It is an opportunity for both you and the brothers to get to know each other better. Just be yourself!

4. Am I required to follow through with process if I attend rush?
No. Rush is simply an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet the brothers. So have fun, enjoy yourself, and allow us to show you what our brotherhood is all about.

5. Do I have to pay?
No. All rush events are free. All costs are funded by Lambda Phi Epsilon and rides are provided to all events as well.

6. Do I have to be Asian to join?
No. It is true that a majority of our members are of Asian descent. However, there are many brothers in all different chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon who are not Asian. Lambda Phi Epsilon stresses that it is an Asian-interest fraternity, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join.

7. Will joining a fraternity impact my grades?
The brothers are students first and foremost. Many are in rigorous academic programs and many are highly involved and hold leadership positions in cultural organizations, musical groups, and intramural sports on campus. Older brothers will be able to help and offer you invaluable advice in getting through school and finding internships. Fully utilizing these unique resources that Lambdas have to offer will definitely benefit your education at Cornell.