What is Lambda Phi Epsilon?

Lambda Phi Epsilon is the largest and only nationally recognized Asian American interest fraternity. Founded in 1981 at UCLA, Lambda Phi Epsilon seeks to promote Asian American awareness and is uniquely tailored to the Asian American experience.

Traditional Asian campus organizations often split along lines of national origins and often lack continuity in the memberships in those organizations with yearly turnover of officers and members. Student associations provide a circle of friends during your undergraduate experience and at worst, familiar strangers during periodic social functions. Lambda Phi Epsilon is an organization that is rich in tradition, values, and vision and seeks to enrich the male college student experience. We offer brotherhood that will endure the passage of time. We perform community service, are involved in the Asian American community, cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships, and look out for all of our brothers across the country, all while maintaining high academic standards. We study hard; we work hard; we play hard.


By joining, you will enter a brotherhood that offers friendships that last a lifetime. Unlike many college friends who turn out to be "class friends" or "semester friends," Lambda Phi Epsilon offers brotherhood that values trust and loyalty to the highest. Our brotherhood is expressed in our motto, "To Be Leaders Among Men." We not only seek to bring together a diverse group of men who share interests, concerns, backgrounds, and cultures, but who believe that the strength of many is forged into the power of being one. If you ever had a best friend, you know the closeness you feel with them. The fraternity offers the opportunity to feel that way with numerous people.

National Connections

Lambda Phi Epsilon is an internationally chartered fraternity. With 63 Chapters across the nation and Canada, including Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Columbia University, and Lambda Phi Epsilon is still rapidly growing. As such, you will have brothers and connections in states across the US and even in Canada. If you ever visit any of the areas in which there is a chapter, you will always have a place to stay and people to show you around. Moreover, Lambda Phi Epsilon hosts an annual national convention with over 500 brothers and 20 sorority chapters present for a weekend of celebration. A full list of Lambda Phi Epsilon chapters can be found here.

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For more information, see the national Lambda Phi Epsilon website.