Delta Class

#31 Peter "Bail" Choe
Economics  Class of 2006
Ethnicity: Korean
Birthday: January 9, 1984
Hometown: Northbrook, Illinois
Dream ride: Ferrari Modena
Favorite quote: "Work hard, play harder."
Fun fact: I was a three sport athlete in high school.
Advice to freshmen: Get your priorities straight.
Why I Joined:
To be part of an organization that has influence not only on its own campus but on campuses across the country, especially in the midwest.
#32 Fang "Vash" Zhu
Operations Research  Class of 2006

Ethnicity: Shanghainese Chinese

Birthday: September 12, 1984
Dream ride:
Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari F40, Mitsubishi Eclipse
Favorite quote: "Do it! Just do it!"
Fun fact:
I used to be fat, many, many years ago.
Advice to freshmen: Don't smoke. I hate smokers.
Why I Joined:
It just sort of happened, but no regrets.