Charter Class

#1 Scott "Fobb Deep" Duong
Big Bro: Zooom!
Little Bro: Kyle "Half-Pint" JohnsonRaymond "Gearloose" Chen
#2 Ketan "Got Milk?" Zaveri
Operations Research  Class of 2002
Big Bro: LoJACK
Little Bro: Ricky "Congee" Fung, Edward "Jester" Gong

Ethnicity: Indian

Birthday: January 28, 1980
Hometown: Queens, New York
Dream ride: Too many to list.
Fun fact: I used to do gymnastics.
Advice to freshmen:
Take every opportunity college gives you. You wont get them again.
#3 John "Stroker" Huang
Industrial Labor Relations  Class of 2002
Big Bro: Gumz
Little Bro: Eric "X-Fade" Chen

Facebook: Taiwanese

Birthday: December 17, 1979
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
#4 Kiet "Bundy" Ly
Big Bro: N/A
Little Bro: Philemon "Pika" Chu
#5 Richard "T-Pot" Tseng
Operations Research  Class of 2002
Big Bro: SoCo
Little Bro: Matthew "Roadkill" Sun
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Birthday: April 28, 1979
Hometown: Queens, New York
Why I Joined:
To make a significant impact on the Cornell Campus and the greater New York Community.
#6 Chau "Refugee" Vu
Human Development
Big Bro: Fade
Little Bro: Soung "Triple Play" Te

Ethnicity: Vietnamese

Birthday: April 11, 1996
Dream ride:
Practical - M5, Supercar - Maranello, Human - Various hot celebs
Favorite quote:
"Lend me some shuga. I AM yo neighbor! Ahh!" - Andre 3000, Outkast
Fun fact: I am your daddy.
Advice to freshmen:
Never take time off from school. Never!
Why I Joined:
For the friends who would become my brothers.
#7 Jimmy "Cornholio Wong
Applied Economics and Management  Class of 2001
Big Bro: Zooom!
Little Bro: Jesse "Papa Don't Preach" Yao

Ethnicity: Chinese

Birthday: November 7, 1977
Hometown: Manlius, New York
Dream ride: Ferrari Modena
Favorite quote: "Carpe diem."
Advice to freshmen:
Don't fall behind cause you will never catch up.
Why I Joined:
To help establish a fraternity at Cornell that's fun and meaningful.
#8 Hong "Raid" Chen
#9 Joseph "Snake Eyes" Tam
Big Bro: Hook
Little Bro: John "Spankz" Choi
#10 Jason "DoDo" Hsiang
Policy Analysis and Management  Class of 2002
Big Bro: Drool
Little Bro: Andy "Mascara" ChengJohn "Motor" Huang

Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Dream ride: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
Favorite quote:
"Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda
Fun fact:
I was able to purchase a condo within 5 months after graduation.
Advice to freshmen:
Don't be in a hurry to graduate. It'll all be over before you know it. You have your whole life to work. For now, your only job is to be have fun so live it up!
Why I Joined:
There was a void of greatness on campus so I helped 10 other strong founding fathers step-up and fill that void.
#11 Davd ".com" Chen
Big Bro: Stryke
Little Bro: Edward "Sketchy" Hsu