Alpha Epsilon Class

DanChung_Headshot_2018 - Daniel
#143 Dan "Bastion" Jung
Information Science, Business  Class of 2021
Big Bro: Cameron "Duo" Lam
Little Bro: N/A
Birthday: July 30, 1996
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Dream ride: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato
Favorite quote: "Happiness is a choice"
If I had a million dollars: Go out for a fancy meal at Apollos
Fun fact:
Go out for a fancy meal at Apollos
Advice to freshmen:
There are 10 people. 7 don't care, 1 hates you, and the other 2 might grow to like you. Don't try to please everyone and focus on relationships that matter.
Why I joined:
For new experience and to make friends
yuh - Andrew Wang.jpg
#144 Andrew "Gamble" Wang
Computer Science  Class of 2021
Big Bro: Joseph "Breaker" Mo
Little Bro: N/A
Birthday: May 5, 1999
Hometown: Ambler, PA
Dream ride: Jaguar F-TYPE
Favorite quote: "Carry on, life flies, so just carry on with this pain inside of my chest got no choice but to carry on" -x
If I had a million dollars: Give it to my parents.
Fun fact:
I can balance a penny on my earlobe yuh.
Advice to freshmen:
Someday, you will be looking back at these years as the good ol' days... enjoy and don't hold back.
Why I joined:
To create relationships that will last a lifetime.