Alpha Class

#13 Philemon "Pika" Chu
Class of 2003
Big Bro: Kiet "Bundy" Ly
Little Bro: Michael "Recon" Lee
#19 Jesse "Papa Don't Preach" Yao
Electrical Engineering  Class of 2002

Ethnicity: Chinese

Birthday: May 25, 1980
Hometown: Arcadia, California
Dream ride: Private Jet
Favorite quote:
"Know when to live for the present and when to live for the future."
If I had a million dollars: I would invest it.
Fun fact: I can actually be a nice guy.
Advice to freshmen:
Partying on weekends is just as important as studying on weekdays. So don't miss Lambda Parties. You'll regret it.
Why I Joined: For a family away from home.
#14 John "Spankz" Choi
Engineering/ORIE  Class of 2002
Big Bro: Joseph "Snake Eyes" Tam
Little Bro: N/A

Birthday: December 29, 1980
Ethnicity: Korean
Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut
Favorite quote"Don't piss off your dentist."
If I had a million dollars:
I would give half to my parents, upgrade my lifestyle a bit (and I use the term loosely), and save/invest the rest.
Fun fact: I am one lost soul.
Why I Joined:
It gives unique individuals an opportunity to work together toward honorable altruistic goals. We are NOT "all the same," no matter what the hell you think.
#15 Ricky "Congee" Fung
Operations Research  Class of 2004

Ethnicity: Chinese

Birthday: April 9, 1981
Hometown: Albany, New York
Dream ride: BMW 6 Series
Favorite quote:
"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben
Advice to freshmen:
Don't hold back. Oh and try wings over Ithaca if you've never had it yet.
#16 Andy "Mascara" Cheng
Class of 2002
Birthday: June 27, 1981
Hometown: Boston Massachusetts
#17 Matthew "Roadkill" Sun
Operations Research  Class of 2003

Birthday: April 3, 1981
Ethnicity: Shanghainese Chinese
Hometown: Springfield, New Jersey
Dream ride: Acura NSX
Favorite quote: "Everything is worth trying at least once."
Fun fact: I rarely ever drink.
Advice to freshmen:
College is the shit, enjoy before you get old.
Why I Joined:
To have a family beyond the traditional sense, to have friends and brothers who I can always depend on, to push myself to do and experience things I wouldn't have in other walks of life, to challenge myself in ways I didn't think were possible, to learn and develop myself outside the classroom, the list goes on and on...
#18 Edward "Sketchy" Hsu
Class of 2004
Hometown: NorCal
Dream ride: Yamaha R1
Favorite quote:
"We always find things worth living for but not enough of things to die for."
If I had a million dollars:
I wn't lie... knowing me, I'd fucking spend it!
Fun fact: I am actually a nice guy.
Advice to freshmen:
Accept the fact that you really don't know shit.
Why I Joined:
It was the only organization on campus that offered everything that I wanted.
#20 Kyle "Half-Pint" Johnson
Industrial Labor Relations
Big Bro: Scott "Fobb Deep" Duong
Little Bro: N/A

Ethnicity: African American

Birthday: June 25, 1981
Hometown: Riverdale, New York
Advice to freshmen:
Don't be an ILRie, unless you really like labor relations. I mean, REALLY like labor relations. Be a hotelie or otherwise, take a major you like. Then you can manage to get the maximum amount of chill time out of this 4 years. This will be the best 4 years you've ever experienced.

Why I Joined:
As an only child, the fact that the bros stressed brotherhood intrigued me and I wanted to experience what it was like to have brothers. I saw how tight everyone was, and heard about all the great times they shared, and felt like I connected with a lot of the bros during rush. It's turned out to be the best 4 years of my life - and I've learned what it is to have brothers.