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Computer Science | 2023

Kazuya is from Herndon, Virginia and grew up in Fairfax County. He is a student in the College of Engineering majoring in Computer Science. In college, Kazuya is still trying to stay fit by going to the gym, but he will never again touch a rowing machine. During 12am - 3am, you can probably find Kazuya in his room grinding towards his professional esports career. Feel free to hit him up if you play CS:GO, listen to Japanese music, or follow the NFL and NBA!


Computer Science | 2023

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii raised in California. Spends most of his time in the studio pulling frequent overnighters. On his free time, enjoys sleeping, eating, bowling and spending hours on his fashion statement. As a Cornell Tradition Fellow, spends many weekends volunteering and engaging with the community. Don't be fooled by stature, this boys always down for a good arm wrestle battle. Lifelong goal is to gain weight. If you ever need a foodie buddy, HMU!

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CS/Physics | 2023

Akimasa was born and raised in Singapore but is Japanese. He enjoys playing soccer and is part of the club team here at Cornell (it pains him to call the sport soccer instead of football). He is an aspiring astronaut and hopes to be working at NASA in 10 years. Some of his hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing, watching anime and playing the violin. If you're into any of these things hit him up!

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Computer Science | 2023

Jongwan is from Seoul, South Korea. Although he attended high school in the United States, he has lived mostly in Japan, which explains his occasional English deficiencies. He is currently a student in the College of Engineering studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. While he's not sleeping or studying, you can often find him playing basketball, lifting weights, eating unhealthy things or being incredibly dumb with the boys. Feel free to hit him up if you want to get sauce him in basketball.


Computer Science | 2023

Kevin is from Salt Lake City, UT. Kevin enjoys spending his time watching tiktok, working out, and watching Kdramas. Although he is Korean, he is trying to find somebody to help teach him speak the language, so if you are that person hit him up! Be warned, despite being the smartest bro in the house, hanging out with him too long could lower your IQ. So if you enjoy any of these things, please hit him up as he is a simp. P.S. He likes being called Oppa.


CS/Statistics | 2022

Rishabh is from Singapore, but now lives in Hong Kong. When he's not finishing an assignment in the Olin stacks the day it's due or working in the Project Team lab, you can find him exploring food options in Ithaca, chilling with friends, or making new Spotify playlists. If you ever want to play pool, poker or just hang out, feel free to hit him up!

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Computer Science | 2023

James was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Washington at a young age. Growing up, James learned the piano and it eventually became one of his favorite pastimes. Some of his most memorable moments were from performances in places such as the Seattle Public Library. In his free time, he enjoys hiking the many trails in Washington, practicing lucid dreaming, or just hanging out with friends.

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ORIE | 2023

Richard is an ORIE from Staten Island, New York. You can always find him in the Uris Cocktail Lounge or Olin Library sleeping on any free space he can find. When he is awake he insists on staying in the library because it makes him feel productive, but you will almost never find him doing work. In his free time he likes to play volleyball, binging shows and YouTube, and watching TikTok with boys. Hit him up if you need someone down-to-earth when everyone else is busy studying!


Economics | 2023

David is a local Ithacan who was born and raised right next to Cornell. Once he graduates, David hopes to move to a city and get out of this small town. He hopes to transfer to the Dyson School of Business to study entrepreneurship. Outside of class, you can find David sleeping in a library, working out or watching obscure videos on YouTube. He also enjoys procrastinating in his dorm room by watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or playing video games on his outdated PC.

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AEM | 2022

Ronald is from Brooklyn, NY. He is a member of the Cornell Boxing Club. When he's not pretending to do work, you can catch him cooking, reading, or hanging out with friends. Hit him up anytime you need a monkey to say dumb shit to brighten up your day.

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Physics, Computer Science | 2022

Daniel is from Edison, New Jersey and is currently a student in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Physics and Computer Science. While he's not busy buying and consuming frappuccinos from Libe Cafe, you can find him playing badminton, hitting up the gym for some cardio, playing Civilization V, or vibing to some pop. Feel free to hit him up if you want to grab a bite to eat or otherwise procrastinate for a few hours.


Undecided | 2022

Victor was born in Hanoi, Vietnam. He moved to New York City when we was four months old and has lived there ever since. He used to Wrestle and play Lacrosse in high school but now all he does is lift. When he's not doing work you can find him being a degen, chilling with the boys, and trying to help Orion lower his Rice Purity score. He's a fan of rap, EDM, raving, cars, and good munchies. Hit him up anytime if you're trying to go to any type of rap festival/rave or if you're trying to go clubbing.

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Mechanical Engineering | 2022

Kevin is from Queens, New York. When he is not studying very hard, he is playing video games with his friends, mainly CS:GO. He enjoys listening to rap and occasionally EDM. Food is a great motivator for him, especially fried rice. One day, he hopes to be an astronaut, specifically the first man on Mars. If you're looking for someone to eat with or talk to, please hit him up.

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Economics, Information Science | 2022

Samuel is from Singapore. Before college, he served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 2 years. On campus, Samuel is also involved in Cornell Venture Capital and Cup Robotics. In his free time, Samuel enjoys running, gymming, ultimate frisbee, baking, and photography. As the most wholesome guy in the fraternity, he often likes to flex his 94 rice purity score. If you ever need a dose of wholesomeness in your life, feel free to talk to him!


AEM | 2022

Matt is from Potomac, Maryland and is currently a student in the Dyson school studying Finance and Marketing. Outside the classroom, he's usually at practice for the Cornell Club Volleyball team or wasting time not doing homework. Besides that, you can probably find him at Kung Fu Tea or messing around with his friends. If you have any really bad jokes, want to hear his awful singing, or just want to procrastinate, let him know!

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Economics | 2022

Simon is from Vancouver, Canada. He is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, studying Economics and French. When he's not desperately trying to stay awake by chugging coconut milk caramel macchiatos, you can find him pretending to speak French or confusing people by describing the temperature in celsius. In his free time, Simon is often spotted violating gym law by doing curls in the squat rack. Hit him up if you see can yourself doing any of these things.


Information Science | 2022

Despite his name, Naotaka was born and raised in NYC. He's a big fan of cars and fashion, so hit him up if you want to talk about either of those, especially Japanese cars or Japanese fashion. In the future, he hopes to put his hobby of cars to use by actually getting a license and being able to drive. In his free time, he likes to sit around and watch YouTube and play CS:GO.

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Information Science, Business | 2021

Dan's a sophomore studying Information Science and Business. He's moved between South Korea and the United States his whole life. He's one of the youngest looking bros in the house and has a terrible taste for fashion. On campus, he's involved in student business clubs and after graduating, wants to work for The Goldman Sachs. He was kind of not cool before joining Lambdas but now he's p cool.

DanChung_Headshot_2018 - Daniel

Computer Science, Economics | 2021

Andrew is from Philadelphia, PA. He is a student in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Computer Science and Economics. He enjoys playing tennis and piano. Most importantly though, he enjoys staying up late at night and being incredibly dumb with friends. Hit him up if you want to join the fun and lower your IQ with him!


Biology | 2020

Kevin is a premed biology major from Hong Kong. He loves Australian Shepards, ragdoll cats, and the New York Giants. If you like watching football, talking about science, and not exercising as much as you should hit him up!

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Human Biology Health | 2021

Jonathan is from San Diego, CA. He is a pre-med student majoring in HBHS in the College of Human Ecology. When he is not busy being wholesome, studying, contemplating dropping out to pursue culinary arts (for which he has no talent), or pipetting liquids into other liquids for his lab or project team, Jonathan can be found spending time with friends and losing in Tetris. He also enjoys midday naps, taking hours/days to respond to other messages, and cancelling plans. Hit him up if you also like these things! Just know it may take him a few days to tell you he is busy.


ECE | 2021

Jon Gao is a colorblind, Australian Chinese, and identical twin from Great Neck, NY studying ECE. His twin is a bro at CMU, where he also studies ECE. Jon likes dancing as a part of LOKO, staying in Upson with Cornell FSAE, studying in Uris Cocktail Lounge, and spending time with his friends. He is also very passionate about computers, being self-taught in 3 programming languages and definitely able to fix your wifi troubles. If not sleeping, he can be found at the gym, in Uris, in Engineering quad, or probably eating. He also likes to dress nicely. Ask him anytime if you're up for an adventure!


Physics | 2021

I was born and raised in Southern California where I learned how to be a goon. I'm actually Chinese and Arabic, not a random Latino guy. I like spending time with the guys and lifting, which is way better than going to class. At any given time I'm probably doing dumb shit with the Alpha Deltas, eating way too much, or sleeping in way later than I should be. Feel free to hit me up to hang out any time or if you tryna get big!


Biological Sciences | 2021

Jake is a biology major in the college of Arts and Sciences, from Gainesville Florida, although he has lived all over the country, including Missouri and Wisconsin. While in Wisconsin, he gained an incredible love for cheese and bread, which are staple foods in his diet. This diet also fails to include cake, brownies, ice cream, chips, fries, and more, most of which he hasn't eaten since April of 2017, for no real reason. Find him at Uris cocktail pretending to be studying, being taller than his big, or saying stupid yet profound random things. Always feel free to chat him up about anything, since he's always looking for a reason to procrastinate anyways!

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GPHS | 2020


Cameron is from Westchester, New York. He is a student in the College of Human Ecology and hopes to one day work in the field of public health. When he's not eating or sleeping, Cameron enjoys watching new movies, playing cello, and joking around with the other Alpha Gammas.


Operations Research | 2020

Noah is an ORIE from Bethesda, Maryland. He hopes to one day be done with physical chemistry classes. When not sleeping at odd hours, he can be found skiing, at the gym, or procrastinating as hard as he can. Hit him up for any kind of stupid outdoors adventures or pong tips.

Communications, Information Science | 2021

Alston, from Brooklyn, is an annex studying Communication and Information Science. He enjoys playing ping pong and poker in his free time and is always down to have deep conversations. Although he has small ears, he can be a good listener. 


Architecture | 2021

Sipping apple cider while playing guitar in a DIY wooden hut next to Whistler mountain on a winter afternoon. Yum. As an Cornell architecture student pursuing a professional degree who sadly admits that my studio desk is also the bed, I love traveling the world and become inspired by the cultures and nature. When not creating new designs, I find joy in sharing different perspectives with others.


Computer Science | 2020


Nathan is a sophomore who is very confused on what to do with his life but has interests in the law field. When he isn't at Kung Fu Tea, you can find him almost falling asleep in orchestra rehearsal, being extra with Nick, Kenny, and Will, or attempting to study at Uris. He does enjoy playing sports, mainly basketball, so hit him up if you want to see the best post moves in the fraternity. 

Physics | 2020

Nick is from upstate NY or as his bros like to say, "bumblef**k middle of nowhere." He studies physics with a concentration in CS in the College of Arts and Sciences and is also pursuing a business minor. When he's not in the library or with friends, you can find Nick playing Ultimate, meticulously brewing coffee, or tending to his garden.


Biology | 2019

Andy is an aspiring doctor who is feverishly chasing his ambitions by looking at dog memes and traveling to places he can't afford. He is involved with the Korean community at Cornell, as a leader of the Korean American Student Association and a dancer in the Korean hip-hop group LOKO. As such, he recently abandoned his Korean citizenship because he appreciates the U.S. and its non-compulsory military service.

HBHS | 2019

Daniel was born and raised in Boston, MA. The top of his bucket list consists of going to Italy, mastering the art of cooking authentic pho, and becoming a Facebook meme. On a given week, you will most likely find him at Uris cocktail lounge on the weekdays and Collegetown on the weekend nights.

Biology | 2019


Andrew is majoring in HBHS and minoring in business. On campus, he serves as VP of Public Relations of Cornell Association of Medicine and Philanthropy, a STEM mentor in YOURS, a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-med honor society, and as an undergraduate research assistant of Buchon Lab. Andrew likes to play the cello, fence, and League.

PAM | 2019

Eric is a junior from Southern California who is also Canadian and Korean. He can be found in Seoul or Orange County during the break or at pretty much any library in Cornell. He loves soccer, cooking, and skiing so hit him up if you're into that too!

Environmental Science | 2019

Minwoo is a junior majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, due to his (hopefully true) belief that the world is still able to be saved. When not memorizing the Latin names of trees and shrubs, Minwoo enjoys dancing with his hip-hop fam, BreakFree, and chilling with his bros.

Computer Science | 2019

Aaron hails from Plano, Texas and is majoring in CS in the College of Engineering, minoring in Business. He likes playing Settlers of Catan, lifting, Americana, hip-hop, tennis, thrills, and hanging with friends. He looks forward to improving his nonexistent sleep schedule.

Mechanical Engineering | 2019

Henry is a mechanical engineer minoring in aerospace engineering and business from Taiwan. When he’s not busy trying to catch extra minutes of sleep or scrambling to finish assignments due in an hour, he can usually be found near food sources (namely Apollo’s). As a prop on the Cornell Rugby Team, he constantly uses this as an excuse to eat more. He enjoys basketball, guitar, tennis, ping pong, pool, weightlifting and poker.

Chemical Engineering | 2019

Jonathan was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, he now freezes at Cornell while studying the notorious subject of Chemical Engineering. When he isn’t working with the ChemE Car Project Team, Jonathan enjoys sports-fishing, camping, basketball, and traveling the world. He is known in the fraternity as the best pong player.

Computer Science | 2019

Kevin Su is a junior studying computer science. In his free time, he enjoys encouraging Daniel to be extra, watching his SR drop in Overwatch, and third wheeling. One long-term goal of his is to be able to embark on a journey to meet Anna Kendrick.