Fall '15 Rush


Mon 8.31 General Information Meeting
5:00 PM | Willard Straight Hall
Find out what we're all about

Tue 9.01 Water Pong Tournament
7:30 PM | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
Compete for the title of ultimate pong player

Wed 9.02 Sips of Summer Mocktail w/KPL
7:30 PM | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
Enjoy a night out with the ladies of Kappa Phi Lambda

Thu 9.03 Kickback with the bros
8:00 PM | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
Chill and unwind from school with the bros

Fri 9.04 Dodgeball
5:00 PM | Appel 3rd floor multipurpose room
Get active with the bros

Fri 9.04 Electric Zoo Night w/KPL
10:30 PM | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
Rave with the bros and sisters

Sat 9.05 Black and White Night
10:30 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart)
Let's get classy and end the week off right

Sun 9.06 Hangout w/ the Bros
TBA | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
Kick back and just chill with the bros

Mon 9.07 Labor Day BBQ
2:00 PM | Lambda Estate (131 Blair)
What better way to spend labor day than grilling with the bros

Tue 9.08 Mandatory Information Session
6:30 PM | Lambda Estate (108 Stewart)
Required in order to receive a bid

Wed 9.09 Interviews
Business attire

Rides will be provided 15 mins prior to each event at:
RPCC (Donlon circle), Baker Flagpole, and Schwartz Performing Arts Center
To be eligible for a bid, you must attend the info session and at least 2 events

For any questions, contact:
Alex Zhou (949.500.6164) | alz28
Anthony Lee (408.518.1568) | awl65

Note: Schedule on the flyer can be subject to changes. Check out the calendar for the most accurate schedule.